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Optical Tracing Cutting Machines

FABRI-OPTICUT - cantilever machine for oxyfuel cutting with optical-electronic follower control

With the help of the flame cutting machine FABRI –OPTICUT you can produce your parts according to a drawing.

The optical-electronic follower control traces the drawing and the parallel mounted torch is cutting the respective part.

As a model you can use drawings (line tracing) as well as templates (edge tracing). By means of the compensation and the adjustable amplification the control can be adjusted to the quality of the model drawing. The drawings to be traced can be fixed very easily on the moveable sheet steel tracing table by means of magnets.

The FABRI –OPTICUT profile cutting machine is a fabricated construction available in a range of sizes from 800mm through to 2,000 mm wide. It uses a magic eye tracer drive as standard with the option to add full Burny CNC control where required.


FABRI –OPTICUT-- Directly from the drawing to the finished part FABRI –OPTICUT-- Directly from the drawing to the finished part

FABRI –OPTICUT-- Directly from the drawing to the finished part


  • manual control, coordinate switch for all 4 directions
  • line- and edge tracing
  • the tracing speed can be adjusted from 50 to 1000mm/min, and can be switched to 200-4000mm/min
  • automatic cutting start (smooth start function, start of feed and opening of cutting oxygene at the beginning)
  • automatic switch off (feed, cutting oxygen) if losing the line
  • kerf compensation ±3mm
  • corner slow down
Basic equipment of the machine - ready to cut:
  • steel plate tracing table for drawings
  • optical follower control
  • three hose machine torch with manually height adjustment for 3-100mm thickness of the material
  • connection for additional torch prepared
Options / Accessories

  • additional torch carrier with 1 torch / manually height adjustment
  • central gas supply by means of solenoid valve
  • electric torch ignition device
  • piercing device with/without fast preheating
  • motorized and capacitive torch adjustment
  • additional machine torches (max. 4)
  • plasma cutting units
  • plasma adaption connection

Technical data

Working width mm


1 000

1 250

1 500

Working length mm


2 000

2 500

3 000

max. Ø of circle mm


1 000

1 250

1 500

Machine length mm


2 940

3 440

3 940

Machine width mm


3 130

3 630

4 130

Weight kg





Supply voltage VAC





Power consumption W





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